With almost 300 people following our blog now and more who just check in every once in a while, we have received some great questions. These are from a seventh grade class in Kansas City. Knowing that there are people who care about this voyage and us is very rewarding. Thanks to you all.
How do you get internet?
We get internet by harvesting a signal from a hotel or similar from our boat. We can also go ashore and most restaurants have a signal that we can use. Finding a secure signal to do banking or such is difficult though.

Where is your favorite place?
The best island so far has been the Dominican Republic. It was the least touristy place, friendliest people and fun experiences.

What do you miss?
We miss friends and the simpleness of things at home, like unlimited water and electricity and food stores. Food is twice as expensive here and generally of lesser quality. On our raft trips we figured the food and supplies to amount to $10-$15 per person a day. Here it is easily $20. Whenever possible we find the super cheap markets (like a Sam’s club in Puerto Rico) where we spend $1000 on the cheap food to stock up. Certain brands can be difficult. At one point Chase had to wait a month to find Cherrios and even longer to find Nutter Butters. It can be tough sailing when you’re three.

What can you do without?
We now realize that we can do without the daily dosage of news. It has been 5 months since we actually heard the news and any news we do hear is of little value. I wasted too much time worried about “the news” and not enough living. The news is generally made to seem drastic, depressing and have as much of a negative tint as possible.
Lindsey replied that her morning latte could be done without, although it will be reinstated upon our return. Ella said that a bathtub could be done without and this is something she cherished before. Chase said that there is nothing in Colorado – he wants to stay on the boat FOREVER.